Women Power

A focus on empowerment and justified anger,

not fear


The results, logged a year after the course’s completion, are notable: a 46% reduction in completed rape and a 63% reduction in attempted sexual assault. (study done in 2014)

The results will bolster the work of University of Oregon professor Jocelyn Hollander, who completed a similar study of empowerment self-defense course takers in 2014. Hollander’s study is not randomized or as large, but the results are very similar. A half dozen other, smaller studies also corroborate these findings.

Research suggests empowerment self-defense could be a game-changer

There is, however, another method to prevent rape that some researchers believe is effective. Called “empowerment self-defense,” this strategy teaches psychological awareness, verbal assertiveness, and female self-defense over a series of classes. Relying on data and scholarship, the female-led courses teach young women that most assaults come from acquaintances, not strangers. They also teach women how to identify sexually coercive and predatory behavior, and how to deflect that behavior. The last part of the class teaches women physical maneuvers designed to incapacitate a man (i.e., targeting men’s weak spots—the groin, eyes, neck, and kneecaps).

  • Don't be a victim. Be prepared.
  • Train to succeed. Use your emotions. Control your stress.
  • Accept and practice the correct techniques. Have discipline.
  • Stay focused and concentrated. Trust yourself.
  • Enjoy a safe life.


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