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  • Mission Statement

Classic Martial Art provides a top location and a safe environment for all members to train for their physical and mental health.

This 2000 year old art can help you to unleash your potential.

Classic Martial Art is in Carrollwood Village since 2006.

From 2008 until 2010 M. Weidenbacher was the instructor for Taekwondo and Ki Gong at the USF in Tampa Florida.

Grandmaster Jun, Yung Ho Taekwon-Do

  • President of the World Chang Moo Kwan Federation
  • International Advisor to the World Taekwondo Headquarter Kukkiwon in Seoul
  • Member of the Grandmaster Association USA
  • President of Jun Taekwondo

Classic Martial Art under Grandmaster Jun, Young Ho is the ONLY Martial Arts School in Tampa and Hillsborough County that is Certified with the World Taekwondo Federation Headquarter in Seoul, South Korea, and the World Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan Federation.

We are the ONLY SCHOOL in Tampa/Carrollwood that is authorized to offer certificates that are accepted worldwide.



Martial Arts Vitae


        • Since 2002: Grandmaster Jun Taekwondo, World Changmookwan, World Taekwondo Federation
        • 1999 - 2001 Temple Terrace TaeKwon-AMS
        • 1997 - 98 Grandmaster Son, Jong Ho Classic Taekwondo - Berlin
        • 1993 - 96 Grandmaster Kwon, Jae Hwa Black Belt Center Berlin
        • 1990 - 92 Grandmaster Bae, Chong Yun Taekwondo - Berlin
        • 1988 - 89 Karate Berlin
        • 1982 - 84 Judo Domschule - Schleswig
        • 1972 - 75 Schule Nord - Master Wolfgang Finck - Schleswig


Professional & Academic Vitae


            • Law Degree in German and Roman Law , Goettingen
            • BA in Economics - John F. Kennedy Institute in Berlin
            • Telecommunication Management AVM Berlin Gmbh & Co KG
            • Telecommunication Project Management KMC Sarasota LLC
            • Technical Director at IP DIGITAL Inc. - Business Networks and Phone Systems, Tampa
            • Founder of Classic Martial Art, Inc., Tampa


Zoltan and Grandmaster Jun

Mister Zoltan 'Zollie' Neszlenyi

2. Degree Black Belt - Chang Moo Kwan

Here with Grandmaster Jun at his belt ceremony for 1. Degree.

Mister Zoltan Neszlenyi's Vitae:

              • Born in 1970 in Budapest Hungary
              • Former member of the Hungarian Olympic Wrestling Teams in 1988, 1992, & 1996
              • Immigrated to the USA in 1998
              • Became a US Citizen in 2005
              • Dedicated to improving students daily lives through teaching Physical & Mental Discipline


Amy August 2014

Miss Amy Bou

 2nd Degree Black Belt - Chang Moo Kwan

In our Studio getting ready to run stairs with a 40 lbs weight vest.

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no more Anxiety or Depression

Rated Best Studio in Carrollwood Village.

13 Years in Tampa

We helped thousands of people.

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