The 6 month challenge starts NOW!

Your 2015 New Years Resolution is here.

We are here to help you....


Within 6 month we teach you the proven ancient techniques that show you

  • how to release your stress with the 5 Way Breathing Methods
  • how to stretch your body with a complete physical approach
  • how to control your mind with forms that have been developed 2000 years ago
  • how to use relaxation methods for your inner peace
  • how to defend yourself
  • how to loose weight
  • how to choose the right diet
  • how to stand up for yourself and develop a natural selfesteem.



Our proven adult program is successful and easy to learn.

Start now.


2015 Beginner Special: Start your challenge with a risk free complimentary Beginner Class.*

*This offer is limited. Expires February 28 2015.


We highlight positive thinking, good breathing, healthy eating and the correct exercise.

  • Adult Programs
  • Beginner and Advanced Classes
  • Taekwondo
  • Hapkido
  • Personal Training - Group Training
  • Meditation Classes
  • Ki Gong (aka Tai Chi or Chi Gong)
  • Women Self - Defense
  • Weapons Training



Martial ART for Kids

Dear Parents and Guardians,

it is proven that kids benefit directly from the right education and physical exercise. We offer

  • After School Program
  • Daily Programs for all ages
  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Camps
  • NEW: Martial ART PARTY (Birthday, Xmas, Grads,etc)
  • NEW: Martial Art Sleep-Over

Classic Education is appreciate by families with a true sense for the importance of inner values and good human qualities.

Limited Space! Must call for appointement.

Thank you very much.

Marcel Weidenbacher

* Restriction apply. Please call for all details.


After School 2023/24


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