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The Power Of Internal Energy Training.

Used for thousands of Years to benefit the human mind and body

Tai Chi is able to balance the mind, get the stress out of your system and

to strengthen the body.

The Work Out is a combination of Zen Stretching and Zen Yoga added with Meditation Postures and Traditional Techniques.

The Goal is to clear your mind. And to strengthen your body.

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  • Increase Your Immune System
  • Release Stress
  • Get 'Fresh' Energy 
  • Remove Inner Pressure
  • Balance your Mind
  • Respect your Body
  • Sleep Good
  • Find Success and the Experience of True Inner Peace
  • Focus on the Priorities
  • Find a Point and a Purpose and Discipline to Truly Be Yourself
  • Say 'YES' to a Good Life.




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The Power of Ki.


Ki Energy is the universal energy. Without Ki Energy Life could not exist.

The manifestation of Ki Energy can be seen in the basic elements of life.

Science now understands and can measure  the effects of Ki Gong for the practitioner.

The techniques in Ki Gong are designed to use this Energy for one's most basic needs: physical health and mental balance.

Therefore we call Ki Gong: Internal Energy Training.

It is important for our human health that our inner organs are performing well and natural.

Isn't it so that a house has to be built on a good solid foundation.

In order to stay healthy we have to maintain our physical and mental condition. If we just do nothing, we get weak and sick.

The basic human needs are completely addressed with our Ki Gong techniques and therefore the results for the human conditions are significantly beneficial.

In August 2013 an article in the Frontiers in Neuroscience states:

A team of researchers led by Kathleen Garrison at Yale University measured the effects of meditation (sitting Ki Gong).

This team of neuroscientists discovered that the cortex (the outer layer of the cerebrum (the cerebral cortex ), composed of folded gray matter and playing an important role in consciousness) were significantly more relaxed during the sessions of the practitioners.

These Ki Gong techniques can be learned by everybody. There is no age, health or any other limitation.

It is important for one's life to take control of your health: physically and mentally.

Please accept our invitation.

We help you to lead a good life.

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Full Article: http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnhum.2013.00440/full

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