After School 2021/2

 Our Classic

After School 2021/2





High Quality Care in the Best Location in Tampa

Reservations are available Monday thru Friday with  LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE


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  • WHY After School at Classic Martial Art in Carrollwood Village?

Our Philosophy has been taught to education and care about our students as if they were our family.

This is a successful and professional concept.

The highest quality of life is just good enough.

We have solutions. For the needs of your kids.


Our Award-Winning After School Program

has a Top Schedule that includes outside activities and educational instructions.

We accept students that have the highest integrity and value education.

Our appreciation goes towards the parents and families that support the importance of quality and care.

They can see EVERYDAY that caring is the foundation of quality in life.

We appreciate your consideration and offering a FREE TRIAL CLASS.

See for yourself and let us know what you think

It works very easy.

We simply help you when you need us.


The Carrollwood Village Park is NEXT TO OUR STUDIO where our kids can enjoy the nature and play like 'real happy' kids.

OUR AWARD-WINNING After School Program

15 YEARS in Carrollwood Village

With our classes Classic Martial Art per day the kids gain physical fitness, mental focus, self discipline, confidence and leadership skills!  Our parents consistently report improved behavior at home, better grades at school and a new sense of confidence.

A few things our parents love most about our After School Program:

  • Daily Classes - High Performance and Modern Applications
  • Healthy Park Activities in the most safe and modern Park in Tampa
  • Positive and honest environment
  • Small groups and classes
  • Real attention to the kids natural development
  • Educated and trained instructors for the better of the future of our children
  • OPENS 1:55 PM to 5:45 PM
  • Seminars and Tournaments available

Our Character Development Program includes

  • Non-Violent Strategies to Avoid Bullying
  • Tried and Proven Martial Arts Program
  • Confidence Building Curriculum
  • A Program that Builds a Lifetime of Character
  • Main Location in Tampa with 47 Years of Experience



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Here’s What Our Parents and Kids are Saying:

This is a fantastic Studio!

The instructors are professional and fun. It's all about the family and the kids. My daughter has been going there for after school for over a year and a half and we couldn't be happier. She loves going and have learned a lot.

You want something for your loved ones. This is the place.

Tonya with Olivia

Perfect location. Safe. Best in Tampa. For Sure. My son is treated with respect. That's how he becomes a good person. He knows self-discipline and courtesy, integrity. The more he is exposed to these concepts, the better.

Michelle with Julian

Before you decide if this is for your life style and your own personal condition. please enjoy our respectful offer : 1 FREE Private Class

Inner Strength. Inner Health. Inner Peace.

15 years in TAMPA – Carrollwood Village


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Grandmaster Jun – Seminar December 2021