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Latest Technology in Body Movements and Somatic Exercises.

Science has proven again and again the Classic Martial Art Session are the Best Results

for Cardio and HIIT Training. Studies over Studies show why the Results are so significant.

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The Time is Now - 2024

Discover a New Level of Health and Energy.
Proven. Safe and Easy.
It’s your Choice.
Lose weight, find a new level of Health and a New Easy Way to Discover the LifeStyle you love.
Find satisfaction and comfort in your life. A Successful Life is pleasant and stress-free.

Imagine what You can accomplish. Be your Best.

Modern Science meets Ancient Wisdom.

Classic Martial Art is the only provider in the U.S. with an exclusive list of international programs and support.
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OPEN. 7 Days a week. Carrollwood Village. Voted THE BEST OF THE BEST.
Private Classes.
Weidenbacher - Philosophy and Art. In Motion. ™

In order to respect and appreciate 15 years in Carrollwood Village that gave us the opportunity to provide an art that is designed to show ways how to manage the daily challenges, please accept our invitation.

Classic Martial Art can bring you true inner satisfaction thru removing stress that builds up every day.

  • That is why classic martial art is quite different from other martial arts schools. You not only going to love the physical techniques to properly execute each movement . You learn also how to train your mind . This philosophy in action is a work-in-progress for the last five thousand years. The techniques are proven.
  • Our programs are designed to learn all the benefits from Martial Arts:
  • Losing weight successfully and permanently.
  • Kicking out the stress - and understanding the root of cause.
  • Balance in Life - Following your own 'nature' thru a pattern of techniques called Poomse.
  • Self-confidence - Motivate yourself and have the courage to live a life that your deserve.
  • Adaptability - Exercises with other students are an excellent way to find the right and appropriate distance and way to interact.
  • Physical and Mental Discipline - this basic principle reflects the need to respect your body and mind.
  • Enjoy natural breathing - Breathing can be a natural art form to condition your level of relaxation and to remove stress completely.
  • Make your life a happy and healthy success story.
  • By taking back control over your body and mind.