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Martial Arts Instructors in Tampa

Master Marcel Weidenbacher

For the last 20 Years, since 2002: Grandmaster Jun Taekwondo, World Changmookwan, World Taekwondo Federation 1999 - 2001 Temple Terrace TaeKwon-AMS 1997 - 98 Grandmaster Son, Jong Ho Classic Taekwondo - Berlin 1993 - 96 Grandmaster Kwon, Jae Hwa Black Belt Center Berlin 1990 - 92 Grandmaster Bae, Chong Yun Taekwondo - Berlin 1988 - 89 Karate Berlin 1982 - 84 Judo Domschule - Schleswig 1972 - 75 Schule Nord - Master Wolfgang Finck - Schleswig Law Degree in German and Roman Law , Goettingen BA in Economics - John F. Kennedy Institute in Berlin Telecommunication Management AVM Berlin Gmbh & Co KG Telecommunication Project Management KMC Sarasota LLC Technical National Director at IP DIGITAL Inc. - Business IT Networks and Phone Systems, Tampa Founder of Classic Martial Art, Inc., Tampa

Mr Zoltan Neszlenyi

Born in 1970 in Budapest Hungary Former member of the Hungarian Olympic Wrestling Teams in 1988, 1992, & 1996 Immigrated to the USA in 1998 Became a US Citizen in 2005 Dedicated to improving students daily lives through teaching Physical & Mental Discipline

Ms Lisa Weidenbacher

Voted Best Instructor for Kids. Loves her family and her life and is able to shine through her true teachings. Lisa was born and raised in Tampa FLorida. She gratuated from Steinbrenner High School and went to College. She is very fresh and clean in her mental approach. Good to have her.

Ms Irene Rimer

Nobody has more education than Irene. University of Jerusalem, Studies in Spain and Venecuela. Yes, she is a great teacher because she also trains to stay fit, healthy and in great shape.Nothing is more attractive than a perfect health.


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