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Our After School 2022/23 in Tampa

The Best Location in Tampa Carrollwood Village

Yes, it's part of our After School Program. The Carrollwood Village Park.

Success means Discipline and Repect in the School Year 2022/23

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Do you want your child to have more discipline, respect, and learn how to defend him/herself? 🤔 If so, Classic Martial Art is the place for you❣️

We know how it is for parents...

Each day consists of going to work, picking the kids up from school/daycare and getting dinner ready fast enough to run right back out the door for evening activities.

Not to mention that the kids' homework still needs to be completed. Unfortunately, all this rushing around doesn't leave much room for family time.

Well, we have you covered!

Every day of the week at Classic Martial Art Tampa, we provide transportation for your children to our after school program where we fill every moment with activities that are both engaging and fun.

They may not even realize that they are also learning the skills they will need to succeed in life, both personally and professionally.

Your children will learn firsthand the importance of focus, attentiveness, commitment and discipline - and they will have a great time while they are learning.

Whether you need to enroll your kids in a program to keep them safe while you work, or you just want a program that will enrich your child's life now and in the future - Classic Martial Art is the place to be.

You won't have to juggle your schedule or trust transportation to family members or hired help. You can rely on us to pick up your children from school regardless of the weather and bring them directly to our martial arts studio.

We are a state licensed facility.

We even have you covered on Teacher Work Days and early release days!

Our Transported After School Skills and Enrichment Program is the answer!

PLUS! Don't forget...

You can register your child for only $25 and get over $500 in savings off the program for the school year.


Register Your Child for Only $25 and get $500 in savings this school year.

Why Classic....

After School means only one thing. Benefit your own life.

The Development of your child is most important, isn’t it?!

The right education is most essential for learning the right ways to success.

Our program includes

• Activities in the Award-Winning Carrollwood Village Park

• The High Educational Effects of Proven Techniques in our daily Classic Class

• The Science of Successful Applications in Forms, Partner Exercises and Energy Training

Learn how to help yourself.

Always Supervised and Instructed

Daily Schedule

After School Program

Open Monday – Friday

Yes, we are also open on School Holidays.


1:55 PM – HC Schools - Pick up time

2:30 PM – Carrollwood Village Park and the Millenium Park

4:00 PM – BEST Classic Martial Art Class

Partner Exercises, Philosophy Training and Anti- Stress Methods

5:00 PM Social Interactions

5:15 PM Pickup Time


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